Episode 4: What’s Good with journalists?

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What’s Good? podcast announcement

Hi, everyone! This website has become something of an online portfolio where I publish my work from various outlets. I am thrilled to add an audio option to those who follow my site. I’m not ditching words for podcasting by any means, but playing around with audio has been so fun. I love exploring storytelling in various ways.

Introducing: What’s Good?, a podcast focused on the positive, feel-good global news. I am something of a Debbie Downer *insert trombone sound effect from the classic SNL sketch*, especially when so much of what I write about is what’s wrong with the world. Fortunately, my energetic and positive friend Emily Gayton hosts this podcast with me. I tried my hand at producing with Adobe Audition. We record in a professional podcast studio, and I record street interviews with a Zoom handy mic.

I am working to get the podcast on Spotify, but for now, you can use the RSS code below to subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Pocket Cast and more.